Tropical plants that are grown locally, of higher quality and at the best price.

We offer a tropical program for retailers and garden centers in Quebec and Ontario.

Alocasia Bambino / Hilo Beauty / Silver Dragon


Calathea Vittata / Ornata / Tigrina

Monstera Adansonii / Deliciosa

Philodendron Pink Princess / White Princess / Painted Lady

and a lot more!

We have over 60 varieties available for pre-orders in 2022.

Our team of phytoprotection experts ensures that all our plants are free from diseases and harmful insects.

All of our tropics come with a premium label and UPC barcode to make purchasing easier for the consumer.

We offer transportation everywhere in Quebec and Ontario.

Where to find our tropicals?

At all participating Botanix, Binette et filles, Centre de jardin Brossard and many more.

If our program interest you, please chat with us at : and