Because we only have one earth


The team at Rosaire Pion Greenhouses try each year to innovate in terms of sustainable development. Not only in how we grow, but also how we make a global impact on our environment by choosing the right products.

The health of our flora and fauna is important to us. That’s why we’ve been working hard since early 2010 to eliminate the usage of neonicotinoid-based pesticides.

All our products are now without neonics. In addition, we are very proactive in the area of integrated pest management and the use of biological pesticides against pests.

Since 2017, we offer a range of organic herbs and vegetables. They have all been cultivated with great care (like all plants we grow) and have the ECOCERT certification.

See what is the certification about via Ecocert Canada.


We are also working very hard to reduce our environmental footprint. The flowering strips project is an ambitious project to increase the biodiversity of beneficial insect pests. This in turn drastically reduces the use of pesticides.

The concept can also be done at home by growing varieties that will attract pollinators and beneficial insects, thus reducing the risk of damage to our varieties at risk.